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Hitting a triple

I posted my summer fun list last week. This weekend was mostly a good one -- in part because I completed two items, and made major progress on a third. On Friday night I took my husband out for a birthday dinner at one of our favorite haunts, Cerise (the chef was recently on a show with Bobby Flay!). It's a BYOB establishment, so we decided to bring one of the good bott… read more »

7 ways to keep kid activities from taking over your life (or at least your weekends)

One unsung upside of having four children is that almost no one tells me "Just you wait!" anymore. Back when I "only" had two, and they were young, and I was first writing about time management, I got a fair amount of just-you-wait mail pointing out that I had not yet experienced the madness of kid activities. Once that started I would see that life really was craz… read more »

Reunions and cousins

We had a full Memorial Day weekend. For me, the weekend started on Thursday when I drove to Princeton for my 15th reunion. Princeton's Reunions culture is unique to the university and it is, um, special. You can go back for your 2nd or 37th reunion and there will be people there from your class. The "majors" (every 5 years) routinely draw close to 50 percent of the… read more »

NYC recap

I spent Thursday-Saturday in NYC this past week. My "anchor event" was the American Society of Journalists and Authors conference, where I delivered the welcome keynote on Friday. I have gone to this conference most years since (I think) 2005, so it was an honor to be asked to speak. I am getting to know the Roosevelt Hotel quite well. I had not, however, been up… read more »

The sky cleared

My oldest is turning 9 this week, and we celebrated over the weekend. The big gift: going to see a Phillies game. My husband and I took him and 3 friends to the ball park on Saturday night. Chaperoning four 8-year-olds is quite an experience, but the kids were very good, even though there was a 30-minute rain delay, so we were at the park until 10:15 or so (we left top… read more »