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What’s not working, what is

I started this blog post while sitting in my office on Sunday morning with the baby on the floor. I was waiting for an acceptable time to hand the baby over to my husband so I could go for a run. As it is, everyone wound up waking up and so the next hour was a flurry of breakfasts and such, and then finally I went out for a short jog. Life features a lot of these bits and spur… read more »

Sunny days, sweeping those clouds away

We live a mere 35 minutes from Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA, so it’s inevitable that we will go from time to time. This weekend was that time. The park sells a 2-day pass that is the same price as a 1-day pass, so we went on both Saturday and Sunday. It was…well, it was how lots of things are with little kids. I recently read an essay in Conde Nast Traveler fro… read more »

Honeysuckle and roses

I love this time of year, possibly because I just love the vegetation. The strawberries are bright and juicy. Honeysuckle lines all the paths I run on. The roses are erupting out of the bushes. While I do love the fragile beauty showcased during the two weeks all the flowering trees bloom in April, this June bloom seems more sturdy, sunny and, let’s face it, I l… read more »

Memorial Day weekend highlights

Over the next four days, I’ll be posting about my “672-hour Challenge.” I logged my time for four weeks to see if I could see trends. Seeing my life spelled out in Excel was eye-opening as it always is, and I can see which of the stories I tell myself are both true and untrue. But in the meantime, a few highlights from this 3-day weekend: My husband took all fou… read more »

Life right now: Reading Virginia Woolf on the sidelines at soccer practice

As the weather warms, weekends have taken on a certain fullness around here. Spring sports are still going, so we had 3 swim lessons, two soccer games, and one baseball game this weekend. The big kids went to a play, and my 7-year-old had a playdate and even a book club meeting on Friday night (yes, really! A mom organized a group of friends to get together and disc… read more »