Category: Weekends

Off the clock this weekend

The 2-year-old continues to be a handful, and to wake up too early. I also had a rather ugly showdown with the 10-year-old about bedtime on Friday night. However, there were a number of moments of near, or genuine relaxation/fun this weekend. Among them: The impromptu pool party. The boys had a half day Friday to end the school year. My 7-year-old was playing… read more »

Weekend highlights

A few highlights from this past weekend: On Friday, I went to Princeton for a low-key version of Reunions. It is not a major one for me (16th!) but there was a class happy hour, and since I live a mere hour away, I decided to go for it. I had a good time, and I was home around 9 p.m. Also, I got a hoagie from the Wawa, which made me relive my time there on so many levels. All I n… read more »

Over the castle on the hill

If you've listened to pop radio lately, you have no doubt heard Ed Sheeran reminiscing about the town where he grew up. The restless guitars lead to the chorus where Sheeran recounts going 90 down those country lanes, singing to Tiny Dancer, and missing the way he felt watching the sunset over the castle on the hill. It is a song thick with nostalgia, which I… read more »

Moments both intense and slow

This was quite a weekend, as I look back on it. I think it officially began for me Thursday night, when I went to a retirement party for a teacher at my kids' preschool. It was ladies only, and in the gorgeous backyard of a friend's house. The day had been hot, but the temperature dropped to perfect for an evening outside. My friend was worried about parking, so she t… read more »

“A good conscience is a continual Christmas”

I spent a lot of this weekend reading Benjamin Franklin. I have been noodling around the idea of creating a reading guide of sorts that would contain half a dozen ready-made "to be read" lists based around a theme. One of those is self-help (well, "your best life" sounds better). I'd remembered reading part of Ben Franklin's autobiography and liking it, and so… read more »