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Summer family semi-fun

Our backyard garden is kicking out tomatoes at an almost comical pace these days. So I am eating tomatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One of my children is eating tomato salads for multiple meals daily. The other three kids have tried tomatoes, but are not eating them in the lusty fashion that various personal essays claim children will adopt when they h… read more »

One morning in Maine

A few weeks ago, my husband had asked if I wanted to accompany him to a work conference in Florida this past weekend. I said I was up for it, and my mom was up for babysitting (with help from my aunt, who also planned to come). Then it turned out he didn't have to attend this conference after all. But since we had the babysitting in place, we decided to plan a last minute… read more »

Update on the summer fun list: My “tri” day and Ocean Grove

Every summer, I make a list of fun things I hope to do during the warmer months. These are activities that will make me feel like I had a good, full summer. In some cases, summer won't feel like summer if I skip them. We are approaching the halfway mark on summer (well, sort of. We don't start school until after Labor Day around here, so we have a good 8 weeks to go). I de… read more »

Vacation and relaxation

It is a summer tradition that publications cajole overworked, harried readers to take a vacation. We need to relax! American readers in particular learn that we tend not to take all the vacation days we are entitled to, which causes much annual consternation. I do agree that it is good to get away from normal life and see different things. I enjoy my vacations a… read more »

Hitting a triple

I posted my summer fun list last week. This weekend was mostly a good one -- in part because I completed two items, and made major progress on a third. On Friday night I took my husband out for a birthday dinner at one of our favorite haunts, Cerise (the chef was recently on a show with Bobby Flay!). It's a BYOB establishment, so we decided to bring one of the good bott… read more »