Category: Weekends

52 hours in Paris

Many years ago when my husband and I were dating, we used to do such things as go to Europe for the weekend. Often it was because he was there during the week, and then I would fly out to meet him. We did Geneva, London, Paris. Good times! Then we had four kids. The four kids cut down a wee bit on the Europe-for-the-weekend sorts of trips. But they have not killed them. T… read more »

Hitting a Q2 goal amid the laundry

My kids all got sick at various points over the past few days. It has not been fun, and there has been a lot of laundry, though one upside was that we got a more low-key weekend than planned due to skipped playdates and sports practices. One thing I did not skip: my 10-mile training run on Sunday morning. It was sunny and clear, if cold. I had slept better than the illn… read more »

Will April snow bring May flowers?

I gave a speech in Bethesda, Maryland on Saturday. The speech went great, but the drive was challenging. On the way down (a trip I started at 6:00 A.M. after coming home late from the preschool gala the night before) I encountered driving rain during the last 30 minutes or so that reduced visibility to just about nothing. And it was approximately 34 degrees, a lo… read more »

Better than I expected

This was a fairly low-key weekend. We are in the lull before the spring sports season starts in earnest. We were supposed to start baseball on Saturday, but it rained, so that did not happen. There were definitely some moments of kid craziness. Indeed, I started writing this on Sunday afternoon while the three big kids were fighting in the basement. I kept tell… read more »

Good as these things go

Young children complicate the concept of leisure time. Weekends do not look like a textbook picture of relaxation. Still, it is possible to do some fun things, even with the kids in tow. Sunday wound up being a very full day. I woke up with the baby at 6:30, fed him, then ran 6 miles along the river with Jane. The weather was cold when we started but warmed up quickly… read more »