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6 weekend hours without the kids

I had the kids solo Friday and Sunday, so Saturday was my husband’s turn to take them, at least in my mind. I’m not sure he would have automatically done this. But I have no desire to participate in the martyrdom Olympics, so rather than drop hints I asked him to get them out of the house. He did. The minivan pulled out of the driveway at 10:30 a.m., and I calculat… read more »

Strategic thinking in the Target parking lot, and eating peaches and cream

Overall, this was a good weekend. There were things that worked OK now that I can see will be better in years to come. My weekend sort-of started on Thursday afternoon with the trip to the art museum. Friday is now a non-work day for me, so I hosted a playdate, and spent some time in the pool. The major event on Friday, though, was my 8-year-old’s try-out for a loca… read more »

The Impressionists, carnival game prizes, money and happiness

We spent Sunday at the Reading Fair. This has become one of our summer traditions, an annual August pilgrimage to ride the rides, look at the livestock, and eat less-than-virtuous things. We also, each year, wind up playing carnival games. The kids beg to do this, but only certain games — the ones where you win a prize every time. It can be a completely crappy p… read more »

What’s not working, what is

I started this blog post while sitting in my office on Sunday morning with the baby on the floor. I was waiting for an acceptable time to hand the baby over to my husband so I could go for a run. As it is, everyone wound up waking up and so the next hour was a flurry of breakfasts and such, and then finally I went out for a short jog. Life features a lot of these bits and spur… read more »

Sunny days, sweeping those clouds away

We live a mere 35 minutes from Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA, so it’s inevitable that we will go from time to time. This weekend was that time. The park sells a 2-day pass that is the same price as a 1-day pass, so we went on both Saturday and Sunday. It was…well, it was how lots of things are with little kids. I recently read an essay in Conde Nast Traveler from a wo… read more »