Easton Farmers’ Market adventures

I’ve been reading Edible Philly magazine. In the most recent issue, there was a feature on the Easton Farmers’ Market, with the author focusing on 3 vendors vying for spots. I found this intriguing since my impression of farmers’ markets has largely been that they weren’t all that selective. Like if you had a farm or soap shop or whatever, yo… read more »

Steppin’ out with my baby

My 7-year-old got a Fitbit Zip for his birthday. He lost it, but before he did, I decided to buy one that I’ve been using. The good news is that he found his again and has been taking reasonable care of it. He’s also become slightly competitive with me about who is taking more steps, and is very into achieving new records. Sometimes this means he runs laps aroun… read more »

Remember the berry season is short

I encountered this memento mori of sorts on the strawberry box at Linvilla Orchards, a pick-your-own farm about 30 minutes from my house: Remember the berry season is short. It’s true. I love strawberries, and I especially love bright juicy red ones picked at their peak. But berry season is short, so it’s a struggle to get to the pick-your-own farm someti… read more »

Memorial Day weekend: highs and lows

It seems like much time has passed since Friday night. After quitting time, my husband and daughter went to get their hair cut, and then I took the 2 boys to meet them at a restaurant near our house. We sat outside, which was exciting when it started raining. We stayed dry but the waitress (who was a good sport about it) did not. Fortunately, that was the last of the b… read more »

Looking backwards, looking forwards

For years, I’ve been planning my life by weeks. Before my work week starts on Monday, I write down my list of personal and professional priorities for the next 7 days. Then I can think about when, over the next 7 days, I will tackle those tasks.
Over the past year or so, though, I’ve started shifting when I do this weekly review/planning session. This is partl… read more »