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Life with little ones right now

I started tracking my time continuously in April of 2015. That means I am coming up on 18 months of knowing where the time really goes. Since I use half-hour blocked spreadsheets, the process is relatively painless. Broad blocks, however, lose some of their detail. So, in part to help me remember, here are a few of the ongoing story lines about life with little o… read more »

The weekend mix

This weekend was fairly full, but still felt relatively relaxing. I think it was because I was not responsible for the toddler for big chunks of the time! On Friday, I took the 2:32 Acela into NYC. I walked to my hotel on 28th street, right smack in the middle of the flower district. All the stores on this street just have shelves and pots of flowers lining the sidew… read more »

Adventures in work/life integration

On Monday, I did two seemingly contradictory things. First, since my kids had the day off school (we get the major Jewish holidays off in our district), I took much of the time they would have been in school off work. Second, I worked close to a full day. This was possible through the miracle of work/life integration. In the morning, after I did about half an hour o… read more »

A little girl turns 5

We are celebrating my daughter's 5th birthday today. I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (with yellow food coloring -- her request). I will be going to her class this morning to read Ladybug Girl at the Beach, and share cookies. Not cupcakes. I had agreed to cookies, then mentioned I would go pick up the cupcakes and she gently reminded me that this was… read more »

The night before

Part of having a backyard pool is arranging for its opening and closing each year. We tried opening it ourselves one time and the combination of the heavy, muddy tarp and cold water made us realize that outsourcing the task was probably a wise use of resources. So now we schedule an opening and a closing. Since we have a heater, we err on the side of having it open… read more »