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One last long weekend

We capped last week's semi-vacation by splitting the family into two camps. My husband took our 9-year-old to College Station, Texas, for the Texas A&M game (my husband is an alum). I took the three little ones to Cape May, New Jersey, for the weekend. I also took along our new nanny, figuring it would be a baptism by fire of getting to know us. The weekend wen… read more »

Getting to the airport on time

My husband and I both decided to work one day during our week of semi-vacation, and swap childcare coverage for each other. I took the kids on Wednesday (it involved the aquarium and Wegman's, where an elderly gentleman asked if I had room in the cart for him too — ha ha ha). I spent Thursday traveling to and from Orlando to give a speech. I have done this before in… read more »

Hershey with 4 kids vs. Hershey with 1

Our semi-vacation week continues. We spent Monday and Tuesday at Hershey, the amusement park. Frequent readers will recall that this is where I took my 4-year-old and 6-year-old for their official "Mommy days" at the start of the summer. I enjoyed myself quite a bit on those two days. Taking all four (plus my husband) was a different experience. To be sure, we… read more »

Surviving Chuck E Cheese’s

We are on semi-vacation this week, doing a lot of day trips and trips that involve being gone one night. We started this weekend by visiting my brother-in-law's family in Maryland. We had planned to leave relatively early Saturday morning. At some point in there, I found all this water on the kitchen floor, and assumed the toddler had spilled something. So I wi… read more »

Running with the kid

The 9-year-old had stayed up with me to watch the Olympics. We watched the women race the 5000 meters. He asked when he could run. I said he could try running with me. We would just go for a short run, not 5000 meters, but I would be happy to try the next morning. He agreed. Then morning came and he snuggled with me on the couch. “I don’t want to go, mom.” Why not? H… read more »