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Day 2 post

I am writing this from a hotel room in NYC. There isn't much to report of yesterday after the last entry. I worked until about 9:40 p.m., then chatted with the 9-year-old (who was still up). I shut the house and read until 10:30, then tried to go to sleep. It took a bit, given the later wake-up yesterday morning. I probably drifted off somewhere closer to 11. Here's… read more »

Day 1, complete post

How did your first day of time tracking go? I'll be posting my daily time logs this week, usually toward the end of the day. Here's my final report for Day 1. 6:45 - up w/baby. 6:45-8 - kids, breakfast, coffee, etc. 8-8:30 - nanny here, shower, email. 8:30-8:40 - boys to bus stop. 8:40-11:00 - work on book concept 11-11:30 - practice TED talk 11:30-noon - phone call… read more »

Day 1, mid-day post

Welcome to the first day of the 168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge! We have over 750 people signed up to track their time this week, and I know some others are doing it but have elected not to receive my daily email reminders. I get it. Email takes time! (If you do want daily reminders with questions to think about as you track, you can sign up here at this link. If yo… read more »

Ready, set, go!

The 168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge starts at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow (well, that's when my time log starts! You can start yours whenever you like). You can still sign up to get daily email reminders; just click here. I have been tracking my time for about 17 months, but I still enjoy opening a new spreadsheet every Monday morning. The most noticeable thing about t… read more »

The course of love

Fairy tales end with the two lovers marrying. After sealing the deal with True Love's Kiss, they live happily ever after. This notion has no basis in reality. In real life, you still have to get up again the next morning, likely with breath seasoned by garlic and wine consumed the night before, and yet these romantic fantasies color the minds of people ponderin… read more »