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168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge Day 6

Did you continue to track your time today? If so, good for you! When I've done corporate workshops and have had people track their time, occasionally people have turned in logs with the weekends completely blank. I assume the thinking is that the person just does not want to share his/her weekend with her colleagues (which is fine) although some have been fort… read more »

168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge Day 1

Evening is upon us, so I will go ahead and post my time log of this day so far. As mentioned in the previous post, I was up for the third time at 6 a.m. this morning, but then got to sleep until a little after 7. I think the disrupted sleep contributed to my feeling less than productive. I had a day with no scheduled phone calls, so I could have spent the whole day writing!… read more »

Friday miscellany

I have been watching (mostly via Twitter) Hurricane Irma's progress toward Florida. We don't get too many hurricane experiences here in PA, but we've had a few. Here was my write-up of our aftermath of Sandy (3 small kids, no power as the weather turned cold, solo parenting for multiple days). We also attempted to drive to Maine in the summer of 2011 shortly aft… read more »

Bonus summer days

We are home from our last official vacation. School starts soon, but it does not start yet, not until after Labor Day. So we are in the middle of two summer weeks that feel like bonus time. The leaves are full on the trees. The crepe myrtles are blooming, as are the roses (still!) The tomato plants have finally ripened into full fecundity. I have been eating tomato… read more »


The 2-year-old has regressed back to early early wake-up times. This is quite frustrating, as we were doing so much better for a while. I suspect he may be needing less during-the-day sleep, and he still takes pretty long naps. Unfortunately, it's not such a straightforward thing to take time off the nap and hope to add it to the night. He's a real bear when woken… read more »