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How to be productive over the holidays (if you are home with the kids)

In the usual narrative, work is stressful and holidays are relaxing. Therefore, attempting to be "productive" over the holidays is missing the whole point. However, I know many of my readers are parents of small children. These small children do not disappear over the holidays. In fact, they are generally out of their usual schedules of school or daycare. T… read more »

The experiencing self, the remembering self, and a really long day

There's always a lot going on the weekend before Christmas. One mom at a practice last week lamented having four separate events she needed to choose from on Saturday the 17th. I suspect many blog readers had similar dilemmas. The 17th wound up being an epic day for me for many reasons. First, we'd bought tickets for Longwood Gardens' breakfast with Santa ba… read more »

Enjoy those time dividends (and my TED talk is live!)

One happy and somewhat unexpected discovery of my adult life: dividends. Various companies pay out some of their profits to shareholders, and so when you own those stocks, you get paid a chunk of change as a benefit of ownership. It's not exactly free money — there's the opportunity cost of putting money in the stock market vs. other things — but it kind of f… read more »

Update on the pet question and Christmas

Thanks to everyone who offered their advice on pets. It was helpful, as was a Real Simple magazine article in the January issue on what pet is right for you. The answer? The only pet that is right for us is a fish. And frankly, possibly not even that given the toddler's destruction of their habitat last week. The conversation with my 9-year-old went better than ex… read more »

Holiday time tips

Over the years, I have seen some pretty silly ideas for saving time during the holidays. For instance, once of my old Good Housekeeping magazines from the 1960s suggests giving children toys to keep them out of the kitchen while you're making cookies, as if cookies needed to be baked for their own sake, as opposed to being something fun you do with your childr… read more »