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Friday miscellany

I have been watching (mostly via Twitter) Hurricane Irma's progress toward Florida. We don't get too many hurricane experiences here in PA, but we've had a few. Here was my write-up of our aftermath of Sandy (3 small kids, no power as the weather turned cold, solo parenting for multiple days). We also attempted to drive to Maine in the summer of 2011 shortly aft… read more »

Bonus summer days

We are home from our last official vacation. School starts soon, but it does not start yet, not until after Labor Day. So we are in the middle of two summer weeks that feel like bonus time. The leaves are full on the trees. The crepe myrtles are blooming, as are the roses (still!) The tomato plants have finally ripened into full fecundity. I have been eating tomato… read more »


The 2-year-old has regressed back to early early wake-up times. This is quite frustrating, as we were doing so much better for a while. I suspect he may be needing less during-the-day sleep, and he still takes pretty long naps. Unfortunately, it's not such a straightforward thing to take time off the nap and hope to add it to the night. He's a real bear when woken… read more »

Books read in May

Another month, another round-up! I am in the midst of reading John McPhee's Annals of the Former World, which is epic (700 plus pages). After many days, I am only about 64% in, according to my Kindle's counter. Still, I finished a lot of other books this month. Below is a list of what I tackled since the last post on this topic. Also, some exciting news: my readin… read more »

Starting on the summer fun list

Memorial Day is the official start of summer, and I have been starting to make progress on my Summer Fun list. As noted in the previous post, I spoke at my high school's commencement ceremony this past Saturday. Having a cappuccino at The Cup (the current iteration of my favorite coffee shop -- it used to be the "MT Cup") and perusing the stacks at the White Rabbit… read more »