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The heft of a manuscript

Predictions of the paperless office have been greatly exaggerated. While only a few strange folks still print their emails, most of us deal with plenty of documentation. Nonetheless, I seldom print much of what I'm writing anymore. It goes from draft on my screen to a website for publication. So I wasn't going to print what I had of my draft of Off the Clock, my n… read more »


I am writing this from my bed, where I have spent much of the past 16 hours. My daughter had thrown up Wednesday night, and sure enough, yesterday around 4:30 I started feeling pretty off. I went up to lie down for a bit, and then wow. I had a more brutal version of it than she did. Sometimes you have one episode and that solves the problem, but I was in the thick of it fro… read more »

New York nostalgia

In the grand scheme of things, I am not that old (37). Still, I feel I have been spending much time lately pondering phases of life that are over and gone. My trip to New York last week was steeped in such nostalgia. In my quest to get out of my house a bit more, I agreed to speak at the Behavioral Summit organized by Ideas 42, a non-profit that helps groups incorpora… read more »

The family hike: A survival guide

My husband and I like to hike. We did a multi-day backpacking trip in Vermont's Green Mountains, and also in Yellowstone pre-kids. This summer when we got a last minute long weekend away, we hiked several trails in Acadia National Park. This is something we'd like to continue to do with our kids. So we've been sticking our toes in with family hiking adventures.… read more »

Free agents, casual earners, reluctants, and adventures in the independent economy

Life is varied in the 1099 world. In the so-called independent economy, some people work for themselves, full-time, doing such soloist gigs as writing or designing websites. Some people are mostly (and happily) caregivers, but maintain an Etsy store for a few hours per week while their kids are at school. Other people would dearly love a full time job, but ca… read more »