Almost there…

The first tomato is almost ripe! And by July 4th this time, not Halloween, like last year. The heirloom varieties we planted last year were tasty, but I am just not that patient. I also have a row of carrots sprouting. Has anyone grown them before? When are they usually ready for harvesting? (I live in southeastern Pennsylvania).
In other news, the Mosaic manus… read more »

Reflections on 3 years in Pennsylvania

We moved from our 2-bedroom apartment in NYC to our 5-bedroom house in Pennsylvania three years ago this week. On some level life is different here. On others it isn’t. I get up in the morning and do kid stuff, then I work, then I take a break to run, then I work again, then I do kid stuff, then I get them to bed and work or read again. On weekends we do family activitie… read more »

Cutting 4700 calories, and changing stories

I always love a good weight loss story, so I was intrigued by the Wall Street Journal’s recent offering. Former NFL lineman Brandon Moore used to eat like, well, a 300-lb lineman. He needed to be bulky for his job, and as a professional athlete, he exercised a lot. He could absorb 6400 calories per day (the total for a menu he provided). This included such meal c… read more »

The ATUS is out! And yep, we sleep.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the annual American Time Use Survey results today. This is my favorite time study for a few reasons. First, it is huge (many thousands of people). Second, a few features help with accuracy. A researcher asks the participant to go through yesterday, which means the participant isn’t trying to recall a typical da… read more »

Working on now: recurring meetings, Mosaic

I love blogging. Not only is it fun, it’s a never ending source of sources!
I’m working on a few things right now that I’d love to chat with people about. First, recurring meetings. They’re a staple of life in many offices. If it’s Monday at 10 a.m., you must be having a staff meeting. But there are different schools of thought ab… read more »