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Ten minutes in the hammock

In theory I’m on vacation this week. I say in theory because when you have four small children there are limited moments for true relaxation. But there are always some, and I’m trying to be good about seizing them. This morning, I was out on the lawn of our vacation rental with the kids, trying out the hammock. Then they all disappeared inside. I fig… read more »

Friday fodder: links, updates

This has been another full week of book promotion activities. I recorded 22 radio segments on Tuesday (and hosted the webinar for book club members — thanks to all who dialed in! Hopefully the recording showed up in your inbox too). On Thursday I was back in NYC recording a satellite TV interview with BNN in Canada, and speaking at an event sponsored by La… read more »

I think that I shall never see…

…anything as lovely as this tree in my front yard. The flowers were out in their full glory this weekend. The weather was lovely. We celebrated my son’s baptism with lots of family here to visit. There were some low moments — it doesn’t help that everyone has colds — but I managed to get some short naps, I read Tara Sophia Mohr’s Playing… read more »

Life right now…

…is simultaneously wearying and exciting, stressful and wonderful. I’ve been pushing myself with running. I ran for 95 minutes on Monday in order to train for Broad Street (which is 10 miles). The weather was so beautiful I wanted to keep going. Aerobically I feel capable of going forever. My knees are not quite there. They complained on the hills. I… read more »

Update on Q1 goals

I’m interrupting “creative careers” week on the blog to post an update on my Q1 goals. This year I elected to set quarterly goals rather than New Year’s resolutions. I have a lot of things I want to do this year, and spacing it out helped me feel like it would all happen. So is it happening? I had my baby on January 15 (yes, that was a Q1 goal… read more »