What my ancestors did before breakfast

My baby is almost one month old. It’s been a long month in many ways. Now that I’ve been through the first month four times, I also realize that the one-month mark is somewhat of a dangerous tipping point for me. In the immediate postpartum days, I have a burst of energy that comes from no longer being hugely pregnant. There’s the excitement of having a new b… read more »

The first few days

My first few days back home with my baby have coincided with a long weekend, which has turned out to be nice. Everything is low-key. The kids aren’t having to wake up at a certain time to get to school so we can all operate on newborn time. I have never quite been able to “sleep while your baby sleeps.” There are certain times of day that I’m naturally sleepi… read more »

What do you track?

In this app-happy age, it’s possible track all kinds of personal metrics. I like time-tracking, of course, and step-counting. I’ve tried food journaling, which is effective, but not very enjoyable (I prefer happy ignorance). I used to track miles run. My Fitbit sort of does that for me now, but I don’t record runs as something separate from general st… read more »

36 years, 33 weeks

I have a few essay-style posts on more meaty topics planned for later, but this week has not been good for writing them. Too much other stuff due and going on in general. So today I’ll close out the week with a few thoughts. Today is my birthday! It’s been a full year, and a good year. I treated myself to some solo holiday shopping this morning, and I’m getting… read more »

Swimming, holiday lists, conference panels

We went swimming twice this weekend. One of the YMCAs in the general area has family swim until 10 p.m. on Friday nights, and that’s wound up being a fun way to transition into the weekend. The kids had a good time then, and so we also decided to go on Sunday afternoon. The Sunday trip was one of those parenting moments that you just have to shoulder through, knowi… read more »