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The second half of my week

I posted on Thursday afternoon last week that the week was only half over. I then realized that my blogging schedule falls right into the trap of paying excess attention to Monday-Thursday, and not enough to Thursday-Sunday! I will often post four times between Monday and Thursday, and then not at all in the second half of the week. In my defense, I know my reade… read more »

The midway point of the week

I began tracking my time continuously in late April of 2015. That puts me at 2.5 years in another week or so. I have learned a lot from recording what I'm doing in half hour blocks, but what's equally interesting to me is how this process has changed how I see time. One key discovery: the pace and shape of a week. I start my weekly logs at 5 a.m. Monday. That doesn't mea… read more »

Friday miscellany

I really meant to blog more often this week. But if you subscribe to my monthly newsletter and my weekly newsletter (and listen to the podcast), that ups the content total a bit! Anyway, I spent Wednesday and Thursday in Atlanta, where I was speaking at the inaugural Leadercast Women conference. I did a different speech than I had given before, both because the… read more »

Why (and how) you should give up PowerPoint

The other day when I showed up at a venue where I was speaking, I encountered a curious sight: the tech guy, carefully pushing a giant screen into position. I realized that the organizers hadn't asked me about slides, and simply assumed I must have them. Since I was the only person speaking I quickly spoke up to save the tech guy some labor, and told the people in ch… read more »

The saga of the broken office chair

I am writing this while sitting on an office chair with a hole in it. It's a Restoration Hardware dining chair that has been repurposed for my office, but it turns out that dining room chairs are perhaps not meant to be sat upon for 40 hours a week. Or else I sit in a particularly violent fashion. In any case, the seat ripped a few years ago. I solved this problem by put… read more »