School lunch: Better than you think

City Journal published my article on school lunch recently, “If you serve it, will they eat it?” The gist is this: a number of districts are doing some fascinating things to upgrade school lunches. This is partly in response to changing federal standards, but also in response to the foodie culture that’s taking over chunks of the food industr… read more »

Musings on space

I like thumbing through Sarah Susanka’s architectural books in the “Not-so-big House” series. I interviewed her a few years ago for All the Money in the World, and have looked through those books far more than I do through the average book that a publisher sends me.
Somewhat ironically, around the time I interviewed her, my husband and I purchased a hom… read more »

At the beach

I am on vacation until Labor Day, and while I thought I would have good Internet access, all I can use is the browser on my iPhone. So I may not be blogging much. I will post a thought or two or picture here and there. In the meantime, enjoy this last bit of summer!… read more »

The Overwhelmed Review

My review of Brigid Schulte’s book, Overwhelmed, ran over at City Journal’s website this past weekend. The gist is that this is a perfectly sensible Big Idea book, written by a very good reporter. The problem is that Schulte spends too much time making this a book about herself. We’re supposed to believe her life is a mess, which it really i… read more »

Almost there…

The first tomato is almost ripe! And by July 4th this time, not Halloween, like last year. The heirloom varieties we planted last year were tasty, but I am just not that patient. I also have a row of carrots sprouting. Has anyone grown them before? When are they usually ready for harvesting? (I live in southeastern Pennsylvania).
In other news, the Mosaic manus… read more »