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When the world plays telephone with ideas

A few years ago, I was attending a conference with many HR types. My breakout group was chatting about women and advancement. One woman, describing her programs, asked me "Do you know the difference between mentorship and sponsorship?" I mentioned that I had recently interviewed Sylvia Ann Hewlett. She is the researcher who did the work that popularized th… read more »

The day that ended well

Ever have one of those days where you will be leaving for a business trip mid-day, and yet before that happens, one of your children winds up getting stitches in the ER, and another comes home sick from school? Yeah, Wednesday was that. I had a speech scheduled Thursday morning in Nashville, so I was leaving Wednesday mid-day. My daughter fell out of bed, perhap… read more »

27 hours in Pittsburgh

I flew to Pittsburgh on Wednesday this week in order to give two speeches on Thursday. They both went well, though they had a very different vibe. As I build my business as a speaker I am becoming ever more aware of how audience dynamics (percent men vs. women, age, how full the room is) affect how I should present concepts to people and how I should engage with them… read more »

The flowers are still here!

We got back from a manic spring break trip to San Diego on Saturday night. As mentioned in my last blog post, my magnolia was nearing its peak right before we left. I was worried we would miss it. But we returned to a bouquet of blooms. The peak must have slowly unfurled over the last week, so we still get a few days of glorious pink. Plus a bonus: the plum trees in the ba… read more »

Chasing the peak (and taking a break)

We have this lovely magnolia in the front yard. It blooms in riotous pink in early spring. The flowers last about a week, two if we are lucky. The house seems to have been designed to take in this cotton candy scene from various windows, so you really want to pay attention. Of course, spring is often a busy time of travel, including spring break. So it is always the q… read more »