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That sense of being on the clock, and how to escape the ticking

When I give workshops, I like to have a few participants keep track of their time for a week beforehand. I find these time logs give me a good sense of what people in the audience care about. We talk about challenges and strategies, and people can learn from each other. Some issues are unique to industries, but some keep popping up again and again. One I saw a lot in m… read more »

Thoughts on gifts, giving, and the King of Prussia Mall parking lot

I think I am mostly done with my Christmas shopping. I will triage this weekend and make sure that the three older kids all have equal looking piles, both from us and in my sense of what Santa will bring. Today was my hardest bout of shopping yet, as I was mostly purchasing gifts for my husband. Shopping for adults is hard. I have begun to think that the kindest thing… read more »

Data vs. the narrative

While looking through some of my favorite business books of 2015, I re-read the chapter from Matthew Syed’s book Black Box Thinking on “Scared Straight” programs. Syed’s book is on why most people don’t learn from their mistakes. The airline industry does; experts retrieve the “black box” after every crash and figure out what went wrong. Bu… read more »

Your favorite business/productivity books of 2015?

I'm working on a round-up of some of my favorite, or at least most thought-provoking, business and productivity books of 2015. This is somewhat challenging, as a number of books I liked came out in 2014, or are coming out in early 2016 (I just have the galleys for them now…) So I'd love some more suggestions to nudge my memory. What were your favorite busin… read more »

Stuff I do not want for Christmas

The holiday catalogs are starting to pile up in my house. I will recycle them eventually, but in the meantime, I enjoy paging through to see the offerings. I will admit that part of this is about marveling over things that, even if I had all the money in the world, I would not want. Take this lovely handcrafted hippopotamus sofa from the Hammacher Schlemmer catal… read more »