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The Great Unsubscribing (and a request for sources for stories)

I know email marketing works. I have a newsletter. I have also made purchases because a company has emailed me a deal and it triggered a thought that I needed X, Y, or Z. Over time, however, the sheer volume of marketing communication starts to become overwhelming. Perhaps it's the journalism thing, but I have also been added to a lot of newsletter lists that I am… read more »

Have you tracked your time? A request

I may be a bit light on blogging this week due to some travel and the Great Stomach Flu of 2016, which has my family in its clutches. I thought we would be in the clear by now. We are not. Anyway, this blog post features two requests. First, for me. I am working on a project related to my year-long time diary, and I would like to include the experience of a few other peopl… read more »

A few weekend updates

Thank you to everyone who sent me kind wishes about my little guy. He seems to be doing better. A few more coughing fits but I think he is coming out of it. A few random things... I am writing an article on time-management tips that accountants use during busy season. If you have coped with that January-March (or April) deluge as an accountant I would love to hear fr… read more »

Squeezing in a micro-vacation during a work trip (plus sources for stories)

I’m writing this from Orlando where I went for an extremely quick speaking trip. I was in and out in one day. It makes for a long day, though not incredibly long. I left the house at 6:30 a.m. Wednesday with a return time of 11 p.m. I potentially could have done it even quicker, but some of that padding was to ensure I was not late for my one-hour talk. So I had time to w… read more »

Unexpected insights from tracking time

I sometimes sound like a broken record in suggesting people try tracking their time. So I’m working on a piece on why. What comes out of doing this? (If you’d like to share your experience and be quoted, please let me know: lvanderkam at yahoo dot com). I read recently in Jackie Woodside’s new book, Calming the Chaos, of a man who wanted coaching because he… read more »