Does the Super Bowl fumble your Monday morning?

The weekend after next brings the Super Bowl, that annual festival of traditions including overpriced commercials, 7-layer dip and a curious one for we business writers: statistics on how much productivity is “lost” due to the game.
I’ve seen different ones bandied about. Employers lose $820 or $850 million due to game chit chat (both stats are out t… read more »

Broaden your scope

One of the “most successful people” I interviewed for my next ebook, on how people spend their workdays, was former race car driver Sarah Fisher. After becoming one of very few women ever to compete in the Indianapolis 500, she’s now the owner of Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing. SFHR is moving into a new facility in Speedway, Indiana (the little ‘burg tha… read more »

The moment of clarity

I keep thinking I should stop subscribing to the New Yorker. The magazines have a tendency to pile up when I’m busy because they come every week. But then I read an article that reminds me why I subscribe.
That particular piece in this week’s issue is “Structure” by John McPhee. I was lucky enough to take a writing class with McPhee at P… read more »

Your cupboard is not a metaphor for life

It’s a perennial New Year, New You topic: how to organize your possessions. Real Simple’s January issue promises a year of organized living, starting with your kitchen cupboards, and moving on to a new hot spot every month. The reason for devoting so much real estate to organizing? As the organizing expert (whose name I can’t recall because — ir… read more »

Long weekend highlights

I’m gearing up for the launch of What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend on December 31. In the meantime, I’m trying to upgrade my weekends, or at least become more mindful of what I do with them. Here are some highlights from the past few days:
I cooked a turkey. I massively overbought for the number of people we had (10 plus a baby) but despi… read more »