Keep your focus (and tidy the basement while you’re at it)

If you’re like me, you probably have a wide variety of personal and family projects that threaten to occupy your mental space when you’re supposed to be doing other things. Sign the kids up for camp! Plan the summer vacation! Buy shelves for the basement! While you want to have these projects done at some point, they don’t have to be done tomorrow. Bu… read more »

My well-measured life (part 2)

In addition to tracking my time, I also spent last week keeping a food journal, and logging my runs with a bit more detail than usual. The reasons? After getting down to my goal post-baby weight in September, I gained a few pounds back that I’ve been struggling to lose (Ok, I lost them when I had that stomach bug in January, but that doesn’t really count). My hu… read more »

But what if I’m not a morning person?

I’m having a lot of conversations and sending emails back and forth with people this week about their time logs. There is a lot of fascinating stuff going on out there: night skiing, family hikes, trips to the circus, weekend getaways to San Francisco, a white-knuckle drive home in a storm, adults making time to practice their musical instruments (love tha… read more »

127 timesaving ideas for busy wives

That retro headline is taken from the cover of the May 1963 issue of Good Housekeeping. I recently took on an assignment to compare extant titles of women’s magazines from 50 years ago and today. While I will probably focus on GH (I always do!), I also have Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, and Family Circle issues from 1963 sitting on the floor of my office ri… read more »

So you want to run a home-based business…

I’m speaking in a few months to a group of women who are in the early stages of starting home-based businesses. Having been self-employed for years, I am a huge fan of the micro-business revolution, and of course, I’m familiar with the evidence that an hour spent commuting will probably be the most miserable hour of your day. So yay, working at home. But in o… read more »