Lessons from a 90-minute nap

I wrote in my last post about trying some of the tips in Crystal Paine’s book, 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life. Day 13 suggested reading 168 Hours, which seemed like it might not be so helpful for me (personally — I hope it is for other people!).
But I decided to reread my chapter on “Controlling your calendar” in advance of working on… read more »

You don’t work as much as you think

Hang around in certain circles long enough, and you hear a lot about 70-hour workweeks. Then, after that complaint, you start hearing about 80-hour workweeks, and so forth in the arms race. People claim they fantasize about 60-hour workweeks, billed by some as the new “part-time.”
We may feel we’re overworked, but there’s evidence that when it com… read more »

Next year’s performance review

In my speeches on time management, I suggest an exercise to get people thinking about their medium-term goals. Many people get an end-of-year performance review. If your organization does them in November or December, they’re coming up. As you’re thinking of 2012, though, take a bit of time to think about 2013. What do you want to say in next year’s per… read more »

One at a time

Thursday night is trash night in my neck of the woods. We hauled our cans to the top of the driveway and, as we do every other week when it’s also recycling night, we hauled a few cardboard boxes up too.
We moved in June of 2011, and probably had close to a hundred boxes of stuff. We also ordered a lot of furniture and accessories that came in boxes. The empty boxes al… read more »

Scaling up me

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what computers can do. I’ve also been thinking about a quote, paraphrased from Ambassador Frank Baxter (who now does digital education philanthropy) that “you should never send a person to do a computer’s job.” Recently, someone told me that she could usually recognize my columns bef… read more »