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Update on Mommy Day #3 (or is it #4?)

For my Summer Fun List — on which I am making great progress! — I listed doing "mommy days" with each of my three bigger kids. Since the 2-year-old consumes much time and energy, I feel like they don't get as much attention, and I like to spend time with them individually. So each summer, we take a day to do something fun that the child chooses. Monday was Mommy D… read more »

Beach, no salt

We just got back from vacation last night. We drove out to Indiana on Friday, June 30, and spent the week at two different houses on Lake Michigan, visiting with my husband's extended family. I mean just about everyone. All his three siblings and their families were there for the first part of the week (total: 12 grandchildren), and then over the next part of the… read more »

Report on Mommy Day #2

We staggered the camp schedules this week. The 7-year-old and 5-year-old are occupied during the day; the 10-year-old is not. So he and I elected to do our Mommy Day on Monday. During the summer, I take a day to go do something fun with each of my three big kids. The 5-year-old had her day at Hersheypark a few weeks ago. Monday, the 10-year-old and I went to Dutch Won… read more »

The longest day

Eleven years ago, my husband and I spent late June in northern Norway. In particular, I remember a night in Trondheim, right around the solstice. The sky turned a deep blue around midnight, but it was never truly dark, and the sun was up by about 2 a.m. People responded as one might expect -- with a sort of frenzied energy out on the streets as 10 p.m. was as light as a… read more »

Six years in suburbia

A few weeks ago I made the somewhat surprising discovery that I had subscribed to Apple Music. I can't remember doing this, though obviously I must have, so about a decade after everyone else I have been discovering the joys of streaming whatever music I want. I mostly do this while running on the treadmill. This AM I got in a few quick miles while listening to Tay… read more »