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Cheez-its for breakfast: Parenting and the fourth child

I would never claim to be the super-mom type. I have never made my own baby food, or fretted much about the material of my children's play-things. Probably more fundamental: I have no illusions that the children are extensions of me. From the beginning, I have assumed that they are their own little people, and my parenting, such as it is, can get them to brush the… read more »

It was not a typical day

Many things went right yesterday. I traveled to Nashville -- in and out in a day -- and did a speech and a small group workshop. Both went great! My hosts were wonderful, and the participants were engaged. Travel there went smoothly, which was the part I was most anxious about. I had a lot of time to read during the day, and made it through about a quarter of the memoi… read more »

Three kids, three camps

This fall, all three of my older children will be going to the same school. They will be getting on the bus together in the morning, and getting off together in the afternoon. This blissful confluence of events warms my efficient heart. Alas, that's in another 6 weeks. We still have camp to get through now. This week, the three big kids are in three different camp… read more »

Weekends with kids: Benihana, Sesame Place, waking up before 7 a.m.

Weekends with kids are a wee bit different from weekends without kids. I was thinking of that as we were driving back this afternoon (Sunday) from Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA. This Sesame Street themed water park has its charms: a reasonable entry-level roller coaster, some nice water slides, a lazy river. However, it's highly unlikely I would be going the… read more »

A tale of two bike rides

I spent a surprising amount of time this weekend on my bike, but the two bike rides were quite different. On Saturday morning, we loaded the bike rack on my car with my husband's bike, my bike, and our 10-year-old's bike. The 7-year-old's bike can fit in a trunk, as can the Burley (for the 2-year-old), and the tag-along (for the 5-year-old; we take two cars on thes… read more »