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Podcast discussion: Where is the daydreaming time in your life?

Best of Both Worlds is 2 months old, and we've crossed 40,000 downloads! Thanks so much to everyone who has downloaded the podcast and listened to it. A special thanks to people who have subscribed (so you don't have to go looking for it each week!) and have rated or reviewed it. Sarah listens to Manoush Zomorodi's Note to Self podcast, and had recently read her n… read more »

Podcast discussion: “But I thought the school years would be easier from a childcare perspective!”

Episode 11 of Best of Both Worlds went live yesterday! This episode features the fabulous Prof. Siobhan Brady of UC Davis. We chose Siobhan as our first guest both because she is happily combining a big job at a major research institution and a family, and also because she is Sarah's former running buddy. Hence she was unlikely to get mad at us if we flubbed up our… read more »

War and Peace, running for office, SAHMs, books by friends, productivity, etc.

This post will feature a lot of randomness. First, my publisher sent over suggestions for cover designs for Off the Clock yesterday. The cover of a book becomes mixed in with notions of the book itself, so this is always an important stage in making the book feel real. And it matters -- there's the saying that we shouldn't judge a book on its cover, but we do! More u… read more »

Best of Both Worlds episode 10: Networking for parents

Networking is one of those topics where the name may stand in the way of implementation. "Networking" sounds so cheesy and transactional. In my commencement speech, I do a little riff talking about "networking" in the funny voice that I'm ascribing to people giving career advice. It's kind of like "plastics" that way. Of course, the bad connotations people… read more »

Sweet child of mine

This was quite the weekend. I actually printed up my time log for the week of October 2-8 just to marvel at what all happened in the course of seven days. The weekend itself started fairly low key. My husband took the big boys to Texas to watch the Texas A&M/Alabama game (which was not the total blow out it could have been). They met up with cousins, an aunt, an un… read more »