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Thank goodness for butterflies

We try to be strategic with our weekend family activities. With four small children, big crowds, lines, and anything overlapping with nap time is just going to be a problem. We decided Saturday morning we wanted to hit the Philadelphia Flower Show, but it didn't open to the general public until 11 a.m. So we quick went online at 8:30 a.m. and joined the Philadel… read more »

Snow falling on daffodils

We woke to a spring snow storm this morning, but it's been a good morning nonetheless. I woke up on my own around 6:15 a.m. (the result of going to bed at 10:15 p.m.). I ran 2 quick miles on the treadmill, then made some coffee. We managed to have family breakfast (snowman pancakes for the kids) and I snapped some photos of the snow falling on our daffodils. It's go… read more »

Teaching kids time management

We are deep into March's round of parent-teacher conferences, and one of the skills the forms have teachers talk about is "using time efficiently." I like the idea of treating this as a skill, rather than something one is "good" or "bad" at. However, like all skills, questions of motivation and the like come into play. I have no idea if what we are doing will "wor… read more »

As time opens up

Perhaps it is the coming spring.* Perhaps it is the lull between sports. But this weekend had a different feel to it. When there are lots of little kids around, chunks of the weekend always feel like survival mode. Not the entire weekend certainly; I have had many wonderful weekend moments over the past decade, despite being pregnant or having a baby for almost… read more »

Video games, time, and the labor market

Video games are a fun way to spend the time. I spent many a happy hour as a kid trying to beat Super Mario Brothers, the game that came with the Nintendo console (I finally succeeded, rescuing the princess. Go me.) They are also a very addictive way to spend time, keeping the player in a boosted psychological state where he/she is stimulated, getting constant fee… read more »