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Nearing the end of my 8784 hours

In late April last year, inspired by the time logs in I Know How She Does It, I decided to start tracking my time continuously. I am still at it now, just shy of a year later. Since the goal was to get through a year -- normally 8760 hours, but 8784 hours with the leap year -- I am almost there. I printed up most of the logs this morning and started what will be the last full… read more »

Random life updates

The good news is that the 1-year-old is usually sleeping through the night. The bad news is that the 4-year-old woke me up at 5 a.m. today because the slippers she elected to sleep in had fallen off her feet. We had a discussion about not calling Mommy unless it is an actual emergency. I could not get back to sleep, so I decided to get up, shower, and work, but as soon a… read more »

The discipline of joy

As I look back on it, yesterday had a number of good things going on. While the baby had been up in the night, I was then able to sleep until about 7:30 a.m. I waited for the bus with the boys in the unseasonably warm morning. I brought my daughter to a playdate (which she was very excited about), then turned in the articles that needed to get done before the holidays. I… read more »

Thanksgiving weekend highs and lows

When we talk about our lives, we usually recount past events as stories. Three points of evidence lead to a conclusion. If I wanted to produce a story that this Thanksgiving weekend was a wee bit difficult, I could. Four out of six of us got sick with that lovely stomach bug that hits us every year around this time. I think of norovirus as the universe’s early bir… read more »

Those little administrative tasks that eat your time (or do they?)

Were I not tracking my time, my story of yesterday would go like this: I did almost no real work. Instead, household administrative tasks ate my time. I addressed and stamped 20 kid thank you notes (I still have 6 to go, but the elementary school directory hasn’t come out yet, and these are kindergarten families, so last year’s isn’t helpful). I also spen… read more »