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Cheez-its for breakfast: Parenting and the fourth child

I would never claim to be the super-mom type. I have never made my own baby food, or fretted much about the material of my children's play-things. Probably more fundamental: I have no illusions that the children are extensions of me. From the beginning, I have assumed that they are their own little people, and my parenting, such as it is, can get them to brush the… read more »

Early mornings, summer edition

In my summer fun list yesterday, I talked about getting outside in the mornings. Lo and behold, thinking about that nudged me to actually do it. This morning I was up at 6:20 a.m. with the little guy. Now, let me stress that I'm fine with this; 6:20 a.m. is far more civilized than 4:30 a.m., which is what we were dealing with for a long time. But in any case, it's still… read more »

The snowy day

We woke to a massive snowstorm this morning. It's the first major one of the winter, which has been relatively mild so far. It was actually 63 degrees yesterday. I ran outside with no jacket! My 7-year-old and I threw a football in the backyard for half an hour. Then the temperature dropped steadily overnight. The freezing rain started after midnight, and the s… read more »

Sonnet written after another too-early Saturday morning wake-up

I dream these days of setting an alarm. At 5 or so a “mama!” cry and call — keep watch! And keep a toddler safe from harm. I roust myself and stumble down the hall. He’s snuggly — just a moment — my reward, then off he tugs while all the household sleeps. The kitchen: yogurt? cheese? He’s quickly bored. The TV’s on, and through the dim light seeps ref… read more »

My morning routine (toddler version)

Mornings are a great time for getting things done. However, if you've got little ones around, especially those who wake unpredictably, mornings are going to look a little different than they will in different phases of life. I know that my mornings (and weekends!) will have an entirely different vibe in 18 months when the little dude is coming up on 3 years. I a… read more »