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Reader question: Pay off debt or keep the cleaning service?

Today’s reader question has to do with both money and time. The reader, who works full-time and has two young daughters, explains the situation like this: “The woman who used to clean our house has moved on to a new job and now we are without. We are also in the process of paying off our debt, which was scheduled to be paid off in 18 months. I was thinking that per… read more »

The life-changing magic of not tidying up

Here are some interesting things to know about Marie Kondo. When this young Japanese “cleaning consultant” comes home from work, “I greet the waist-high potted plant by the window and stroke its leaves,” she says. Having fondled the foliage, “My next task is to empty the contents of my handbag on the rug and put each item away in its place.” Not ev… read more »

Unmet and mismatched expectations, or getting him to take your career seriously

I’ve had several people send me articles about new research on Harvard Business School women, and the various factors that might have held back their careers (here’s one from the New York Times). The upshot: female graduates and male graduates have equal ambitions. This is true even after the graduates start families. But over time, women are less like… read more »

Unconventional Thanksgiving leftovers

We celebrated Thanksgiving with just the 5 of us. I’d been shopping at Costco, though, so we had a lot of food, including a 15 lb turkey. That might have been fine if all of us had been around to eat the leftovers. But on Friday my husband took the older two kids out to Arizona for a family wedding. My 3-year-old was not much help on anything except rolls. So after a f… read more »

Reader question: How do I ask my partner to share home and kid tasks?

We have another reader question! I wrote recently about “parent-work” and when it needed to happen. This reader asks “Do you have any suggestions or best practices of how to communicate with your spouse about sharing parent-work, household, or other common responsibilities?” This reader reports that “I have established a pattern of just doin… read more »