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One morning in Maine

A few weeks ago, my husband had asked if I wanted to accompany him to a work conference in Florida this past weekend. I said I was up for it, and my mom was up for babysitting (with help from my aunt, who also planned to come). Then it turned out he didn't have to attend this conference after all. But since we had the babysitting in place, we decided to plan a last minute… read more »

Sunday prep school, Real Simple, and what’s really simple

When studying time logs for I Know How She Does It, I realized that people tended to fall into two camps. There was the “Organized Camp,” full of folks who prepped meals on Sunday for the week, did a load of laundry daily so it never stacked up, and the like. Then there were people in the “Good Enough Camp.” These folks (I include myself in this) did what we h… read more »

Links: 100 hour couples, the gender gap

I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, and hosting a big crew, so I'll be signing off for a few days. In the meantime, here are a few links to my stories I've alluded to here in past weeks: Fast Company: Here's How Parents Who Work 100 Hours A Week Get Everything Done. So the title is a wee bit misleading. It's two-income families where the *total* work hours to… read more »


I’ve written a few times over the last 6 months about my postpartum weight loss progress. I hit my goal weight (125 lbs; I’m 5’5”) at the end of May/beginning of June. I’m really glad I got to that weight. We took family + newborn photos in late January, and I was 140 lbs then. I can see in these shots that I look quite a bit heavier. I was at 135-ish in late Ma… read more »

What I’m eating now

Back in March I ran a series of blog posts on food. One of the topics was my four postpartum weight loss journeys. At the time (March 25) I was in the mid-130s generally, and the lowest I’d seen was 134.5 lbs. I was telling everyone I was content with this slow and steady weight loss of about 0.5 lbs every week or two. Then, a little while later, in the interest of exp… read more »