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The calendar meeting

In any household of more than one person, there will be a lot of moving parts. There are things that have to happen, and then things that you might want to have happen, but need input on from other people. Everyone in my household is plunging into our "busy" time right now, with spring sports going, end-of-year concerts and the like beginning, and the conferen… read more »

Getting the circus metaphor right

Just because something has been around for a long time does not mean it will last forever. The Ringling Brothers circus has been going for something like 130 years. This year is its last. Modern audiences want different kinds of entertainment and shows involving live animals will always have high capital requirements (to say nothing of the ethics). All that… read more »

My planning process (or the list of lists)

One of the best parts of writing about productivity is that I have a good excuse for studying other people's strategies. Then I can take what I think sounds smart, try these strategies in my life, and keep what works best. As I was making a list of strategies for this post, I realized that almost everything involved a list. So this is a list of lists. Because lists a… read more »

Want to use your time better? Join the 168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge!

I have been tracking my time continuously since April of 2015. It has been enlightening, to say the least. I don't expect anyone else to embark on a project like that. But if you would like a good excuse to try tracking a little bit of time, please join me next week, September 12-18, for my next 168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge. You can sign up to get a log (a PDF 15… read more »

Feel like you have all the time in the world

I know September is on its way, and with it a sense of time passing. As the sun sinks earlier and the vines mottle around the edges, this slanting, cooling light can easily spark a sense of melancholy. Summer will be over and done. Where did the time go? And yet this summer I have not really felt this way. I was remembering back to a few things that happened in April, a… read more »