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The International Journal of Haruspicy, or the problem of statistical significance

I recently finished Jordan Eilenberg's book, How Not To Be Wrong, and quite enjoyed it. This book, on "the power of mathematical thinking" covers many topics at the intersection of math and life. While it requires a reasonable grasp of math to read, it is relatively accessible as these things go (and it was recommended by Bill Gates, along with Sapiens, which… read more »

The politics of nostalgia

I have spent more time reading in the past week or so than I have in a while. As I once wrote for Fast Company, making time to read is about supply and demand. You need time available for reading (the supply side) and demand to use those hours for reading. That's a function of having stuff you want to read. If you have stuff you want to read, you turn time that could be sp… read more »

RIP, Cookie

(cross-posted at So it came out yesterday that Conde Nast, after a thorough review by McKinsey, will be shuttering a number of titles. As a magazine junkie, I'm still sore about the closing of Domino earlier this year. But I'm really steamed about the axe falling on "Cookie", Conde Nast's parenting title. Indeed, I've had to talk myself… read more »