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A list of abandoned books (plus an abandoned book give-away!)

No one likes layoffs. But in economics you learn that labor market flexibility is a two-way street. If employers know that they can cut jobs if they need to, they're more likely to hire people. If they can't cut jobs, they'll need to be really certain before they add people to the payroll, and the pace of hiring is slower than it might otherwise be. In my quest to re… read more »

Managing the kid TBR lists

Thanks to everyone who has been downloading my TBR lists! If you have friends who would also appreciate some reading suggestions, please send them over here to get the list from yesterday's blog post. NOTE: In some browsers, you can't see the letters when you type your name and email, but please be assured, it is registering them, and when you hit that you're do… read more »

“TO BE READ” Reading Guide: Ready-made lists for the ambitious reader

When I ask people what they'd like to spend more time doing, "reading" comes up a lot. For good reason! Scales of human happiness find that people enjoy reading more than watching TV (to say nothing of work or housework). The problem, of course, is that reading makes more demands of you than TV watching does. Consequently, it's always easier to turn on the TV (or… read more »

Books read in May

Another month, another round-up! I am in the midst of reading John McPhee's Annals of the Former World, which is epic (700 plus pages). After many days, I am only about 64% in, according to my Kindle's counter. Still, I finished a lot of other books this month. Below is a list of what I tackled since the last post on this topic. Also, some exciting news: my readin… read more »

Turning 10

A decade ago, my husband and I welcomed our first child into the world. It was approximately 2:15 a.m. It had been a long day. I didn't get to sleep much the next day either, as I was sharing a hospital room (this was in NYC) with a woman who had just delivered her 5th child. She was totally on vacation in the absence of her other four children, talking on her cell phone… read more »