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Books read in February

I had somewhat fallen out of the habit of reading books in recent years. OK, that is not entirely true. I have always read a lot, but I'd say that 90 percent of the books I was consuming were either those I was assigned to review, those by authors I was interviewing, or books by friends. Magazines filled the bulk of my recreational reading time. In 2017, I wanted to e… read more »

What I’m into (belated February edition)

So we are 10 days into February, but I never did write this month's "what I'm into" post, so here we go. I just finally started using Instagram. I am lvanderkam if you want to join me over there. In other social media news, I did a FB Live chat yesterday (I am over there). I am reading The Little Paris Bookshop, by Nina George. I h… read more »

Reading Virginia Woolf at a wrestling meet

I spent Saturday morning as I have many a wintry Saturday morning this year: driving to a wrestling meet in some new corner of Pennsylvania. This week's was in Atglen, a rather rustic place about an hour from my house. I snapped these pictures of the frosty fields and silos. We saw an Amish buggy while driving through town. Sometimes it seems that the smaller the… read more »

Why time flies

As part of writing Off the Clock, I've been reading a lot of literature on time. Robert Grudin's Time and the Art of Living came well recommended, and I enjoyed reading it on the flight to California a few weeks ago. Amazon's algorithm also recommended I pick up a copy of Why Time Flies, by Alan Burdick, a staff writer at the New Yorker. While Grudin's book came out… read more »

The 2016 literary Advent calendar

Two years ago, I started a new tradition in my house: the literary Advent calendar. Each night during December, my kids unwrap a Christmas story and we read it together. The first year I had to round up the few holiday books we already owned, and fill out the list with more than a dozen others that I basically just found while perusing on Amazon. Some were total flo… read more »