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Books read in November

It's that time again! I read more this month than I thought I would. It was not a month of War and Peace type books, but some intriguing stuff, nonetheless. We Need to Talk, by Celeste Headlee I met Headlee in the speaker's lounge at the Texas Conference for Women. We were introduced by Jess Lahey (author of The Gift of Failure) who was also there. While Celeste a… read more »

2017 Literary Advent Calendar picks

I took a few minutes yesterday to organize the Christmas stories. Here's what we'll be opening in December, one a night. I didn't wind up purchasing any new books this year, because three years into our literary Advent calendar tradition, I've found we have enough holiday stories in the house to chuck the real duds. I also realized last year that we had run out o… read more »

Books read in October

This was another doozy of a month for reading. I was in between drafts of Off the Clock (which is now back on my plate), and I had a reasonable amount of time on planes and trains. Plus, book reading has become my default activity before bed. I can usually get 60 minutes in if I'm disciplined about it. Here's what I tackled this month: Still Life, by Louise Penny I fin… read more »

You have more time than you think: War and Peace edition

Last Friday night, I did not do any of the things Katy Perry sings about in her song with that chorus. Instead, I finished War and Peace. That's the kind of girl I am. I read Tolstoy for fun! The truth is, I got really into the story. That explains my reading up until the last 80 pages, at which point I got really into just finishing it. Anyone who's read the second epil… read more »

Books read in September

I read fewer books this month than in recent past months. There are reasons for that. First, several of these books were challenging to read: long, consisting of prose written in a time before people had cable, etc. This pushed my reading rate to the lower end of the range. Second, I've been working more this month as I'm crashing toward my own book deadline. Thi… read more »