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Guest post: Finding time for stories

Laura's note: Today we welcome Callie Feyen to the blog. Callie is a novelist, educator, and parent. She writes about what she learned from tracking time. Her new book, The Teacher Diaries: Romeo and Juliet, is out today so please go check that out. by Callie Feyen My first planner was a slim, brown, Northwestern University 1989-1990 calendar that my dad brou… read more »

Books read in January

Quite the mix this month. Here's what made it off the shelf (or onto the Kindle) in January: Braving the Wilderness, by Brené Brown I've seen Brown speak, and I know she has tons of raving fans, so I thought I'd check out her new book. Braving the Wilderness is about staying true to oneself while simultaneously being willing to engage with people who think diffe… read more »

My year of making time to read (plus a most memorable books list)

As I write this on December 20, I have read 134 books since January 1. Some have been short (Ann Patchett's Getaway Car). Others have been epic (1Q84). In any case, I read a lot in 2017. I haven't added up my time log totals, but if each book took 4 hours to read, that would be 536 hours devoted to books alone. The first year I tracked I read for 327 hours, which includes… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: Books with Modern Mrs. Darcy!

Sarah -- who just had her baby!! -- and I are delighted to welcome Anne Bogel as our special guest to the Best of Both Worlds podcast this week. Anne is the blogger behind the genius blog Modern Mrs. Darcy, which is where I get approximately 99 percent of my book recommendations. Well, that and her podcast, What Should I Read Next?, which answers that pressing que… read more »

Books read in November

It's that time again! I read more this month than I thought I would. It was not a month of War and Peace type books, but some intriguing stuff, nonetheless. We Need to Talk, by Celeste Headlee I met Headlee in the speaker's lounge at the Texas Conference for Women. We were introduced by Jess Lahey (author of The Gift of Failure) who was also there. While Celeste a… read more »