My next book

I’m happy to announce that Portfolio will be publishing my next book, called The Mosaic (or possibly just “Mosaic”), in 2015. This book will feature the results of a time diary study of women with big careers and kids. The title comes from my observation that while in the popular narrative, combining a big career and a family means one is constantly juggling, crazed, and harried (“I don’t know how she does it”), when you look at the whole of 168 hours, the picture is very different. A full life creates a complex but compelling mosaic. This will be a how-to book, but grounded in time diary research showing how real people live their real lives.

I am actively recruiting women to participate in this study. The inclusion criteria are:

-- having at least one child under age 18 (i.e. still living at home)

-- earning at least $100,000 per year

I ask study participants to keep track of their time for a week (168 hours). I have a spreadsheet you can use (please email me for a copy: lvanderkam at yahoo dot com) or you can simply record your time in a word document, or use a time tracking app. While the level of detail is up to you, more detail is helpful as I analyze how people spend their time. Some participants have elected to code their entries into broad categories (e.g. work, sleep, time with kids, etc.). This is helpful and appreciated, though I can do this analysis as well.

I am happy to offer feedback on any complete logs. We can talk by phone or email, and if you have any particular time management challenges you’d like help with, I’m happy to discuss strategies. Participants in the study can elect to be anonymous (simply used as data points) or to use their real names and industries. I will include several full profiles in the book, too, and welcome participants sharing their full stories.

Thanks for considering being part of this project. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at lvanderkam at yahoo dot com. 

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