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Kirsten Gillibrand’s 168 Hours

My September 2009 issue of Glamour has a one page profile with life management advice from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who happens to be my senator here in New York. She has two children under the age of 6 (and, of course, a very full time job). Her tips? Very similar to 168 Hours! First, she works what I call "split shifts." That is, she stops work at 5:30PM, hangs out… read more »

Finding time to read

One of the questions I'm encountering most with people logging their time for the 168 Hours project is "how can I find more time to read?" It's a good question, and one I've certainly been trying to improve on. The easiest answer is to turn off the TV. The average American watches 18-23 hours of TV per week (per the American Time Use Survey) though Nielsen claims a… read more »

How different groups of Americans spend their time

Fascinating "charticle" on the 2008 American Time Use Survey at the New York Times website. Looks at how Americans of various demographics spend their days.… read more »

Welcome Globe and Mail readers!

There is a Q&A with me in Canada's Globe and Mail today called "Sorry Moms, 168 hours a week is plenty of time." I think the brusque headline is designed to get attention (and 168 Hours is certainly for men and women) but there you go. I may be doing a radio interview with a Vancouver station about it tomorrow.… read more »